Customer Stories
Customers are using Intelligent Recommendations in their business to drive personalization and improve product discovery.
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Microsoft Docs
Intelligent recommendations on has established itself as a credible content discovery feature in a short span. Referral traffic from content recommendations has grown 6X over the last six months as we expanded the rollout to show recommendations on more content. Every month, over 2M customers interact the with content recommendations and generate twice as many referral page views – the engagement metric from recommendations ranks among the highest when compared to other channels of traffic on our site. What we like about Intelligent recommendations is how it eliminates the complexity of creating, maintaining, and managing recommendations machine learning models. The fact that the ML models are business domain agnostic, makes it easy for any business to offer a powerful recommendation experience to their customers with relative ease – we are extremely happy to be able to use it for docs!
About is one of the largest sites on the internet for the developer community. It hosts over 2.5 M technical articles, interactive learning modules, architectural guidance, videos, code samples and Q&A and receives high double digit millions of visitors every month.
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Office Templates
Using IR as a customer gave me a great way to think about recommendations. You can have multiple websites making bespoke data schemas for every different use case, or you could have a team consolidate and lay them out into well defined, incrementally expanding feature sets, which is what IR does. The maturity in thought process that IR offers that powers the packaging of all the complexity behind making a highly available, reliable and fast intelligent service that is personalized to users while remaining privacy and security compliant behind a super easy-to-use Azure Service is really, really powerful.
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ADI Global Distribution
We are excited to be using Microsoft Intelligent Recommendations to drive better content discovery and higher customer engagement. It works right out of the box!
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Microsoft Teams
The Intelligent Recommendations service has been instrumental in helping the Teams Store provide recommendations to our users based on multiple scenarios. The service has multiple algorithms and models based on the type of recommendation we want to make on the Store, and the experience of working with the service has been great! We’re confident that discovery powered by Intelligent Recommendations will drive greater adoption of apps from the Teams App Store, and we look forward to continuing this partnership.